Various essays (or articles if you think “essays” is too pretentious) on different aspects of dance, mainly by me.

I'm very pleased that other people have let me publish their material.  Bruce Hamilton has two of his sets of notes here: “When you're not the caller” and “Giving and receiving feedback”.  Bob Brand has his series of articles “Pills to purge mediocrity”.  Mary Railing has a fascinating essay on the “Origins of English Country Dance” and Anne Daye has an equally fascinating “History of Country Dancing”.

Download this entire set of notes as a zip file.

You then need to go into the zip file in Windows Explorer, right-click and then in the pop-up menu click Extract all… and choose a folder for the files.  Now click on colin.htm in this folder to run it in your browser.  You won't get any graphics, and there's no point in trying to use any of the menu items, because these things aren't available on your hard disk.