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Welcome to my web site.  I'm Colin Hume, best known as a Folk Dance caller and composer.  You may find me appearing at Halsway Manor,  Folk Camps,  Folk Festivals such as May Heydays (formerly Eastbourne),  Chippenham,  Lichfield,  Sidmouth,  Broadstairs,  Morland,  Southam and Whitby,  plus Dance Weeks in the States run by the Country Dance and Song Society and the Bay Area Country Dance Society.  In my spare time I'm a programmer/developer — I wrote the computer version of The Clarkson Register for Clarkson Research Services — and have built many web sites — see the Programming section for more details.
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13-Dec-20: Musicians, if you're looking for tunes, I have over 1,000 on my Instructions page.  You can transpose them, make them larger, show chords above or below, and print them out.  You can also listen to them, and I've just added a “Slow” button which plays a tune at half-speed — useful if you want to play along but aren't yet ready for the full-speed version.
18-Jan-21: And you can now search by composer as well as title, e.g. “Traditional English”.
10-Mar-21:We've spent two weeks of hard work transforming our large fish-pond into a flower bed.  See the results.

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