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Welcome to my web site.  I'm Colin Hume, best known as a Folk Dance caller and composer.  You may find me appearing at Halsway Manor,  Folk Camps,  Folk Festivals such as May Heydays (formerly Eastbourne),  Chippenham,  Lichfield,  Sidmouth,  Broadstairs,  Morland,  Southam and Whitby,  plus Dance Weeks in the States run by the Country Dance and Song Society and the Bay Area Country Dance Society.  In my spare time I'm a programmer/developer — I wrote the computer version of The Clarkson Register for Clarkson Research Services — and have built many web sites — see the Programming section for more details.
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If you were taken by the Virtual Whiteboard I used for my presentation at the “Playford Then and Now” Conference, it's a new addition to my Dance Organiser and I'm still working on it — I have yet to add the code to display an image (which I only thought of the day before the conference) — that's what enabled me to show the original Playford wording while animating the dance.
I've updated my Videos page with some on-line videos at the bottom.
I've just published a rather large page containing my thoughts on What is a Dancing Master? — feel free to dip into it if the whole thing is too much for you.
And another quite large page on Scottish Dances — if you're a caller and you'd like some advice on how to call some great dances, please take a look!
I have some covid-related links on my Links page.
To find out what I've done in my professional life, take a look at my all-new Programming page.

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