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Welcome to my web site.  I'm Colin Hume, best known as a Folk Dance caller and composer.  You may find me appearing at Halsway Manor,  Folk Camps,  Folk Festivals such as May Heydays (formerly Eastbourne),  Chippenham,  Lichfield,  Sidmouth,  Broadstairs,  Morland,  Southam and Whitby,  plus Dance Weeks in the States run by the Country Dance and Song Society and the Bay Area Country Dance Society.  In my spare time I'm a programmer/developer — I wrote the computer version of The Clarkson Register for Clarkson Research Services — and have built many web sites — see the Programming section for more details.
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Every website has a Coronavirus page these days!  Mine gives a link to some one-person dances, plus some interesting talks and a quiz for callers.
Genni and Darren Grainger have now taken over Folk Sales from Derek and Ann Appleing.
See their Facebook page:
or their website
or email them: You must enable JavaScript to see this e-mail address.

Genni and Darren play in the band “Orion's Ring” with Genni's father Steve Hunt, often with Genni's mother Rosemary Hunt as caller.

If you're interested in finding out what I've been doing in my professional life, take a look at my all-new Programming page.
Renata's garden featured in The English Garden magazine in 2019, and the article has now been reprinted in A Year In The English Garden 2020 so the publishers must have thought it one of the twelve best gardens of 2019.  It's a really good article with excellent photos of the garden, and if your local newsagent doesn't stock it you can buy it for £6.99 including postage to the UK, or plus £2.50 for international postage.

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