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These days I'm mainly writing web sites.  If you're looking for a website builder who won't charge the earth and won't put in all sorts of complicated things you don't really want, why not Contact me and I'll see what I can do for you.  Many websites just contain static text — every time someone clicks on the page they see the same thing unless you have manually updated it.  More complicated websites are dynamic — the user inputs some information and the results of a calculation are displayed.  I can do both of these.  For static websites I use HTML (Hypertext Markup Language — the standard language of websites since the web started) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets — so that you can change the style of all your web pages in one place rather than having to search through all the pages for purple titles because you've decided you prefer blue ones).  I also use JavaScript as necessary.  For dynamic web sites, in addition to all this I use Microsoft's ASP (Active Server Pages) or its successor ASP.Net (coding in C#) and for database work I use Microsoft Access or SQL Server, though I'm happy to use other databases.  I now also have a working knowledge of PHP and MySQL.

I don't use DreamWeaver or FrontPage — I create the web pages myself — which means I understand what's going on and I can explain it to you.  There are lots of very pretty websites out there which have been professionally designed but the owners have no idea how to update them — or every time they try, something goes wrong.  I won't leave you in the lurch like that!

If you want a web site designer who is more of a graphic designer using tools like PhotoShop you probably won't be interested in me.  But if you want something simpler, or if you need the dynamic stuff, I'm probably your man.

Here are some websites I have created or worked on.

I can also run an evening class entitled “Build your own website” — click the button at the top of the page for more information.


I started programming in Algol in 1964, PL/I and IBM Assembler in 1967, and Pascal in 1979.  I worked for IBM on the OS and DOS PL/I Optimizing Compilers, both before and after first release.  I have worked at The London Stock Exchange on the development and maintenance of the TALISMAN system, and have written computer games for THORN EMI — hear about that at  I have also been a lecturer on computer-related subjects for many years, both freelance and for training organisations.  Many years ago I moved away from mainframes and now write PC programs in Borland Pascal (including my own Word Processor) or Delphi (see my Downloads page), and several Systems for the English Folk Dance and Song Society, the International Planned Parenthood Federation and Clarkson Research Services using the Paradox Database, written in PAL (Paradox Application Language) or Delphi, and more recently C# web-based applications running on Dot.Net.

My motto for all programming work is:


On Thursday, August 16, 2012, Carey Schug from Des Plaines, IL, USA wrote:
Good man, Assembler!!!.  But CLIST?  Ugh.  To bad you never had a chance to do VM and especially CMS Pipelines.  Good for you not using dreamweaver, etc.  I have done very little, but only at the basic level.  Do you run your own MVS 3.8 system under the Hercules emulator?