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Over the years I have written many sets of notes for me to use when teaching Dance Technique, either as a separate workshop or as part of a Dance workshop.  Some are on a specific topic, such as “Waltz Step”; some are more general; some are just a set of dances with suggestions on how to dance them better.  I've been through and amplified the notes on occasions, so they may contain more information than I would actually give out at a teaching session.

Please bear in mind that these notes are not intended as a printed training manual; they were written to be spoken out loud.  You will also find some repetition here, which is no bad thing; people don't usually take something in the first few times they hear it.  And if you don't realise that some of the content is meant to be funny, you may well be at a disadvantage!

Let me also make it clear that other people may disagree with some of the points I make, and I'm certainly not saying that I'm right and they're wrong — English Folk Dancing isn't like that.  Also most of these notes were written for events in England; if you dance in another country you may well see things differently.  I just thought that since I'd done all the work I might as well make it available to the world!  If you're new to teaching dance technique you may find it a good starting point for making your own notes.  If you've been doing it for years you will undoubtedly disagree with some of my points, but I hope you will find plenty to agree with and maybe some points you'd never thought about.

I've been asked when I teach Dance Technique.  I suppose there are three occasions.

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On Friday, March 2, 2007, Phillip Alexander from Northampton wrote:
I found your site more by accident than design while looking for a sight showing dancer moving etc.  I have started to do a bit of calling mainly to records using the figures theron but have now started to do a bit of patter, which I find difficult, whether I crack it I don't know but I'll keep at it while I have the Callers (& Dancers) support and encouragement.
I found your site had some good advice and will read more of it when I have a bit more time. I have downloaded some bits. Many thanks