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This listing was produced by Colin Hume's Dance Organiser program.  Visit for more information.

In the table below is the information I have been given.  Hold the cursor over the Diamond symbol for more details.  (On a device without hover, press and hold the diamond to see the information — no, you don't want to download the diamond image!)  The telephone number is for the person to contact about tickets or any further information – often the Club Secretary.  You may also see the symbols    for a Web Site and    for an email address – click these to visit the web site or send an email.

If a date doesn't appear in this list, I may well be available for a booking.  Please contact me – don't ask me when I'm calling a dance, as I won't be able to concentrate!  I don't call Barn Dances these days except in very special circumstances.  If you're looking for an agency to supply Barn Dance callers and bands, why not try

Don't imagine that the lovely Renata will come with me and be available to dance with – she's given up dancing and now stays at home with her cat.

Thu 8 Jun Cambridge Club NightRound Band  
Fri 9 Jun St Albans Club NightFriday Folk Band  01727 856508
Thu 15 Jun Cambridge Club NightRound Band  
Fri 16 Jun LichfieldFestival   01543 4242927
Fri 23 Jun Histon, Cambs. Club NightHouse Band  01223 233191
Fri 21 Jul Histon, Cambs. Club NightHouse Band  01223 233191
Fri 17 Nov Symonds YatHouse Party WeekendKeeping Thyme  01483 854070
Sun 26 Nov Ullenhall Callers' WorkshopVic Smith  01905 353995
Sun 7 Jan Twyford WorkshopClaire Coxwell & Judith Beton  01243 531497
Fri 3 May Evesham Festival   01308 423442
Sat 9 Nov Woodborough DanceFolkus Pocus   
Fri 15 Nov Symonds YatHouse Party WeekendKeeping Thyme  01483 854070

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