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Antony HeywoodAntony Heywood is a caller, choreographer and organiser.  He's English but has lived in the Netherlands for more than half his life, where he has been heavily involved with the Dutch Folk Dance Society NVS.  Antony started folk dancing while still a schoolboy in the early 1950s during the Square Dance craze.  When he went up to Cambridge he joined the University country dance club, The Round, of which he was Chairman 1958/59, and the Cambridge Morris Men, of which he was Squire 1961/62.  While in Cambridge he took part in the EFDSS Albert Hall festivals for the Cambridgeshire District of the Society.  You can read more in Nicolas Broadbridge's citation for Antony's EFDSS Gold Badge at

For many years Antony has been building a database of English and American dances.  This lists the instructions of nearly 20.000 dances (though it is not intended that you can understand the dance from the list) together with information about the source, author, formation and recordings.  For instance you can search for all dances containing Double figure of 8 followed by Straight hey for 3, or all dances containing Diagonal R & L through and Balance the ring.  The database is now being reorganised and will shortly be available here.