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All the dances I've ever written – some of which are unpublished for good reason!      Download as a CSV file.

To search the list below, enter three or more letters of the Title you're looking for (or indeed Collection or Rhythm); the search is not case-sensitive.  The program will look for those characters anywhere within the list of dances and you'll be shown an abbreviated list containing the matches.  Empty the box to see the full list.  You don't need to click the [Search] button unless you want to see the formation of the selected dances.  Click the CD image in the "R" column to see where the tune has been recorded.  To see only dances which have recorded music, click the [Recordings only] box.  To search for dance instructions and music available on this website, see the Instructions page.

George Williams has animations of some of my dances at: Hume

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DWADDances with a DifferenceColin Hume
PWADPlayford with a DifferenceColin Hume
SWADSquares with a DifferenceColin Hume
NDFONew Dances for OldColin Hume
 Barn Dance Saturday NightRing o' Bells
 Cantii CollectionFolk in East Kent
 CDSS NewsCountry Dance & Song Society
 Cecil Sharp HouseFriends of CSH
 Dancing Every DayAnn Higley
 Dutch CrossingCotswold Music/NVS
 English or Double DutchNVS
 Hoedown Saturday NightRing o' Bells
 Hunter's MoonCotswold Music
 The Knot UntiesCotswold Music
 Packington's PoundCotswold Music
    2Barn Dance
    3High level Barn Dance
    5Club: Low level
    6Club: Medium level
    7Club: High level
    9Advanced Workshop

Lines with a grey background are those where I interpreted the dance from the original notation.
Lines with a pink background are those where I wrote the tune but not the dance.

2 Couples:  General
Cast Away WaltzAlan Winston, 2002Waltz    5Own tune 
2 Couples:  Playford
Christine's Conundrum2001Medley    9Own tune 
Hit and MissJohn Playford, Dancing Master, 1651Jig    4Own tune 
MayfairNDFO1 1992Jig    6GrimstockRecordings
Newcastle ½1985?Reel    5Own tune 
Park LaneNDFO2, unpublishedJig    6Own tune 
3 Couples:  American
Colin's Triplet Number 12021Reel    5  
3 Couples:  General
Adèle's DelightAnn Higley, DWAD4, 1996Reel    6Own tuneRecordings
Centre of FriendsDWAD5 1998Waltz    5Own tuneRecordings
Charlie is my Darling2014Hornpipe    5Own tune 
The Clocks Go Forward TonightDWAD5 1998Jig    5Own tune 
Dunant House WaltzDutch Crossing, 1993Waltz    5Own tuneRecordings
The Grandparents' Waltz2003Waltz    8Own tune 
The Heathfield RagDWAD2 1985Rag    3The EntertainerRecordings
Laura and Filon2003Waltz    6Own tune 
Lucy2006Waltz    3Own tune 
The New ManDWAD3 1990Jig    5Own tuneRecordings
Northbourne HopDWAD5 1998Hornpipe    4Own tuneRecordings
The Rocky Road to Dublin2019Slip-Jig    6Own tune 
Song to the Moon2016Waltz    6Own tune 
Star of DavidDWAD5 1998Waltz    7Own tuneRecordings
The Sun From the East2021Waltz    4Own tune 
3 Couples:  Historical
Festing's MinuetWright, Complete Collection, c.1740Minuet    8Own tune 
Hackney MinuetWright, Complete Collection, c.1740Minuet    8Own tune 
A Minuet PaspeJohn Young, Dancing Master, c.1719Minuet    8Own tune 
Pretty Peggy's MinuetJohn Young, Dancing Master, c.1719Minuet    8Own tune 
SabinaJohn Young, Dancing Master, c.1719Minuet    8Own tune 
3 Couples:  Playford
The Amherst AssemblyDWAD5 1998Medley    6Own tune 
The Ashford AssemblyDWAD1 1980Jig    6Own tuneRecordings
Ashley's HornpipeSylvan Harmer, Heathfield MemorialsRant    5  
The Black Boy (Colin's version)Ashover Book, c. 1764Jig/Reel    5Own tune 
The Bowmen of KentSkillern, 1795Jig    5Own tune 
Bulock's HornpipeJohn Young, Dancing Master, 17263-time    6Own tune 
Charming MaidJohn Young, Dancing Master, 1728Reel    6Own tune 
Chase Me!NDFO1 1992Reel    7My Lady CullenRecordings
Close Harmony20123-time    6Own tune 
The Conversation2021Jig/Reel    7  
The CoronationThompson, 24 Country Dances, 1762Jig    4Own tune 
Cupid's GardenJohn Playford, Dancing Master, 1686Jig    5Own tune 
December Rose2003Medley    9Own tune 
Eccles's MaggotJohn Young, Dancing Master, 1714Reel    5Own tune 
Gold for Bernice20073-time    7Own tune 
Gold for BrendaDWAD5 1998Reel    6Own tune 
Good TurnsDWAD5 1998Reel    5Own tune 
GrimstockJohn Playford, Dancing Master, 1651Jig    5Own tune 
The Hare's MaggotHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 17013-time    6Own tune 
Harper's FrolickAshover Book, c. 1764Reel    5Own tune 
The Isle of WightNDFO1 1992Reel    5Own tuneRecordings
Jack PuddingJohn Playford, Dancing Master, 1651Jig    7Own tune 
Janet Murphy's DelightDWAD3 19903-time    6Own tuneRecordings
Jenny, Come Tie My CravatHenry Playford, PWAD1, 1688 / 19953-time    6Own tune 
John's Folly2000Reel    5Own tuneRecordings
Jonathan's Jig1998Jig    7Own tune 
Little VeniceNDFO1 1992Reel    6Broom, the Bonny Bonny BroomRecordings
Liz's Hope2020Reel    5Own tune 
Love's TriumphJohn Young, Dancing Master, 1713Reel    6Own tune 
Marli Water-worksMatthew Welch, 1767Jig    5Own tune 
Masquerade20043-time    8Own tuneRecordings
Millison's JigJohn Playford, Dancing Master, 1651Jig    5Own tune 
The Mistress of the Greenery (wksp)2022Reel    7Own tune 
The Mistress of the Greenery2022Reel    7Own tune 
MoonfleetDWAD4 19963-time    6Own tuneRecordings
My Lady Winwood's MaggotJohn Young, Dancing Master, 1726+Reel    6Own tune 
Non-StopNDFO1 1992Jig    4Mage on a CreeRecordings
Oxford CircusNDFO1 1992Reel    5Parsons FarewellRecordings
Pat's TraditionCor Hogendijk, English or Double DutchJig    5Own tuneRecordings
Pitch-and-TossNDFO1 1992Reel    6Gathering PeascodsRecordings
Prince GeorgeJohn Playford, Dancing Master, 1686Reel    6Own tune 
Red and All RedThompson, 1757Reel    6Own tune 
Red Lion of BrentfordSylvan Harmer, Heathfield MemorialsJig    5  
Rideout's RevelsAnn Higley, Dancing Every Day, 1997Reel    5Own tune 
Rumford AssemblyUniversal Magazine, 1754Reel    5Own tune 
Ruth2006Jig    6Own tuneRecordings
Shepherd's HolidayJohn Playford, PWAD1, 1651 / 1995Jig    5Own tune 
Strawberries and CreamDWAD4 1996Jig    6Own tuneRecordings
TogetherDWAD5 1998Reel    5Own tune 
The TouchstoneThompson, Apted Book, 1780Reel    6Own tune 
A Trip o'er TweedJohn Young, Dancing Master, 1713Slip-Jig    6Own tune 
A Trip to UxbridgeDWAD1 1980Reel    5Own tuneRecordings
Unrequited LoveHunter's Moon, 1987Reel    6Own tuneRecordings
Windsor ParadeMic Spenceley, DWAD2, 1985Reel    5Own tuneRecordings
The Young WidowOtsega, N.Y. c. 1808Jig    5Own tune 
3 or 5 Couples:  General
The Morland Waltz2010Waltz    7Own tune 
4 Couples:  American
Double Flutter1984Reel    6  
The Vet's RevengeDWAD4 1996Reel    4Own tune 
4 Couples:  General
Chippenham ChaserDWAD4 1996Reel    5Own tune 
The Clocks Go Back TonightDWAD5 1998Reel    5Own tune 
Collective ResponsibilityThe Knot Unties, 1989Jig    5  
Come Back to Sorrento2018Waltz    6Own tune 
Country BumpkinSylvan Harmer, Heathfield MemorialsPolka    4  
Double TroubleDWAD4 1996Slip-Jig    4Own tuneRecordings
Dunsmuir Road Hornpipe (Old)2022Hornpipe    6Own tune 
Emma's Waltz2009Waltz    7Own tuneRecordings
Felicity2002Waltz    6Own tuneRecordings
MegalomaniaDWAD5 1998Polka    4Own tune 
The Queen of Moravia2011Reel    6Own tune 
Round Hill WeddingDWAD5 1998Waltz    7Own tuneRecordings
Save the House!Cecil Sharp House, 1988Hornpipe    4Own tuneRecordings
Shirley's JigDWAD1 1980Jig    4Own tuneRecordings
Sicilienne2004Waltz    6Own tune 
A Trip to SwedenDWAD3 1990Polka    6Own tuneRecordings
Waltzing on Ice2011Waltz    7Own tune 
4 Couples:  Playford
AbergennyJohn Playford, PWAD1, 1686 / 1995Reel    6Own tune 
Anne's First FestivalNDFO1 1992Jig    8The Old MoleRecordings
CascadePackington's Pound, 1989Reel    8Own tuneRecordings
CatdancerDWAD5 19983-time    6Own tune 
CogsPat Skelton, DWAD1, 1980Reel    6Own tuneRecordings
The Double Helix2019Medley    7Own tune 
Happy Birthday to Ann1995Reel    5Own tune 
Have a Rest!NDFO1 1992Reel    7DargasonRecordings
The HealthJohn Playford, Dancing Master, 1651Reel    5Own tune 
HelenaDWAD3 1990Reel    5Own tuneRecordings
The Hitchin Diamond2017Jig    7Own tune 
Jack-in-the-BoxNDFO1 1992Reel    7AltheaRecordings
The Kind Choreographer2020Jig    6Own tune 
Marble ArchNDFO1 1992Reel    8ArgeersRecordings
MidwinterDWAD5 1998Reel    7Own tune 
Miss Nuttall's FarewellGeoff Todd, 1992Reel    5Own tune 
MoorgateNDFO1 1992Jig    5ConfesseRecordings
Mr Handel's JigDWAD1 1980Jig    6Own tuneRecordings
My Lady MarionDWAD2 1985Reel    6Own tuneRecordings
My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose2003Reel    6Own tune 
Nampwich FairJohn Young, PWAD1, 1727 / 1995Jig    5Own tune 
The Night Crossing2006Reel    6Own tune 
Nine ElmsJohn Young, PWAD1, 1727 / 19953-time    5Own tune 
The Nobles of BetlyJohn Young, PWAD1, 1727 / 1995Jig    5Own tune 
NonesuchJohn Playford, PWAD1, 1651 / 1995Reel    6Own tune 
Parnham HouseNDFO1 1992Jig    7Fain I WouldRecordings
Portesham Breakfast2002Reel    5Own tune 
Red and GoldDWAD2 1985Medley    5Own tuneRecordings
Reely Snakey EightySue Carter, 2008Reel    6  
RenataDWAD5 1998Reel    5Own tuneRecordings
The Silver SwanNDFO2, unpublishedReel    6All in a Garden Green 
Simple Celebration20073-time    6Own tune 
Summer Reverie2000Reel    5Own tuneRecordings
A Time to DanceMaggie Hosking, 1999Reel    6Own tune 
Winter MemoriesDWAD4 1996Reel    5Own tuneRecordings
Winter's on the WayNDFO1 1992Reel    6The Friar and the NunRecordings
4 Cu duple minor:  Playford
St. AlbansHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 1701Jig    5Own tune 
The TatlerJohn Essex, Further Imp. of Dancing, 1710Jig    6Own tune 
4 Cu, 3 working:  Historical
Drive the Monsieur from FlandersJohn Young, Dancing Master, c.1713Medley    8Own tune 
Mrs Booth's MinuetJohn Young, Dancing Master, c.1719Minuet    8Own tune 
4 Cu, 3 working:  Playford
The Comical FellowThompson, 1776Jig    4Own tune 
Dr. Fausters TumblersJohn Young, Dancing Master, 1726Reel    6Own tune 
Duke of Kent's WaltzCahusac, 1801Waltz    4Own tune 
Lady Doll St. Clair's ReelJohn Johnson, 200 Favourite CDs 1750Reel    6Own tune 
The Russian DanceAshover Book, c. 1764Reel    6Own tune 
The ToastJohn Essex, Further Imp. of Dancing, 1710Jig    6Own tune 
Trip to OatelandsThompson, 24 CDs for the year 1778Jig    5Own tune 
4 Cu, 3 working:  Scottish
Mrs Hume's StrathspeyAnselm Lingnau, 2001Strathspey    8Own tune 
The Promised Land1985Jig    8Own tune 
5 Couples:  General
The Bunch of FivesDWAD2 1985Jig    5Own tuneRecordings
The Irish SwingHoedown Saturday NightReel    2  
Miss Claire Moir2007Waltz    6Own tuneRecordings
Tea Up!DWAD5 1998Hornpipe    5Own tuneRecordings
Ten Year TestedDWAD3 1990Jig    4Own tuneRecordings
5 Couples:  Patter, Phrased
Going at Sixty2007Reel    6Own tune 
5 Couples:  Playford
Bright and BeautifulNDFO1 1992Reel    7The Twenty-Ninth of MayRecordings
Closing ThymeED&S, 1999Jig    7Own tuneRecordings
The Fifth DimensionDWAD3 19905-time    9Own tuneRecordings
Golden DolphinsSue Carter, 2004Jig    8  
Hunter's MoonNDFO2, unpublishedReel    7The Slip 
Kevin's Celebration Waltz2018Waltz    7Own tune 
Mysterious WaysNDFO1 1992Jig    5Spring-GardenRecordings
Step StatelyJohn Playford, PWAD1, 1651 / 1995Jig    7Own tune 
6+ Couples:  Patter, Phrased
The Cambridge Hexagon2005Reel    7  
6+ Couples:  Playford
The AstronomerDWAD2 1985Reel    8Own tuneRecordings
Beck and CallNDFO1 1992Reel    6Adson's SarabandRecordings
The ButtercrossDWAD4 1996Reel    9Own tune 
Dutch CrossingErnst van Brakel, DWAD3, 1990Reel    9Own tuneRecordings
The Merifest Central SquareKimberley Smith, DWAD4, 1996Medley    7Own tuneRecordings
Sting in the TailNDFO1 1992Reel    6Own tuneRecordings
Susan's Celebration20083-time    3Own tune 
Circle:  General
The Broadstairs Barn-DanceDWAD2 1985Hornpipe    3Own tuneRecordings
The Ely Waltz2006Waltz    5  
Good HumourDWAD3 1990Jig    5Own tuneRecordings
Nellie the Elephant1986Jig    2Own tune 
Piccadilly Circus1986Jig    2  
The Valentine's Day MassacreDWAD3 1990Medley    5Own tuneRecordings
Circle:  Playford
Hush-a-bye BabyNDFO1 1992Jig    4Lilli BurleroRecordings
The Indian PrincessDWAD2 1985Reel    5Own tuneRecordings
Pastime with good company2022Reel    3Own tune 
Symonds Yat20063-time    7Own tuneRecordings
Double longways:  American
Hey Both Ways2022Jig/Reel    6  
Kim's GameDWAD4 1996Reel    6Own tuneRecordings
Double Square:  American
Tea for Two2012Reel    8  
Longways duple:  American
All the Way to BeckenhamDWAD1 1980Reel    6Own tuneRecordings
Alterations Swing2002Reel    6  
The ApprenticeDWAD1 1980Jig    6Own tuneRecordings
Bayswater BreakdownDWAD1 1980Reel    6Own tuneRecordings
Blackmore Gardens Contra2001Reel    8  
Colin's BackDWAD3 1990Reel    7Own tuneRecordings
Double Chorus Jig2021Reel    5Own tune 
Double Swing Through1997Jig    6  
Fancy Meeting You!SWAD1 1990Jig    8  
Greyhound to Harrisburg2006Reel    5  
Here Goes!Mark Elvins, 1991Reel    5Own tune 
No Clapping!DWAD5 1998Jig    6Own tuneRecordings
No Surprises1983Jig    4  
Princeton's Silver Lining2004Reel    6Own tune 
Shadow Medley1999Reel    6  
The Swing-Through ContraSWAD1 1992Reel    7  
Thursday Night Flash!DWAD5 1998Jig    4  
Top Marks2001Jig    6  
Triple Chocolate2001Reel    6  
Triple Delight2009Reel    6  
WalkawayPat Skelton, DWAD1, 1980Reel    4Own tuneRecordings
Women in Charge1997Reel    5  
Working Man's Reel1993Reel    6  
Longways duple:  General
Barbara's Waltz2020Waltz    5Own tune 
Granny Smith's MaggotBarn Dance Sat. NightRag    2  
Heidi's Waltz1993Waltz    5Own tune 
Jacki's JigDWAD1 1980Jig    5Own tuneRecordings
Longways Oxo1985Jig/Reel    2  
The Motorway1985Jig    2  
Mr Mozart's RantDWAD2 1985Rant    5Own tuneRecordings
Regent's Park Reel1984Reel    2  
Shooting Star1985Jig    2  
Starters OrdersDWAD2 1985Jig    4Own tuneRecordings
The Stroll2011Schottishe    4Own tune 
Swirling Waters2009Waltz    5Own tune 
Longways duple:  Historical
Carey's MinuetWright, Complete Collection, c.1740Minuet    8Own tune 
New Minuet / Trumpet MinuetJohn Young, Dancing Master, c.1713/9Minuet    8Own tune 
Longways duple:  Playford
The Ale Wife and her BarrelRutherford, 1756Reel    5Own tune 
Amy2006Reel    7Own tuneRecordings
Arundel StreetHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 1695Jig    5Own tune 
BellamiraHenry Playford, PWAD1, 1686 / 1995Reel    5Own tune 
Bobbing JoeJohn Playford, Dancing Master, 1651Jig    6Own tune 
The Bribe2003Reel    7Own tuneRecordings
Calliope2019Reel    6Own tune 
The Cambridge Butterfly2008Slip-Jig    4Own tune 
Colin's Tambourine2001Reel    5Own tuneRecordings
The Coronation DayHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 1698Reel    6Own tune 
Cottey HouseHenry Playford, PWAD1, 1702 / 1995Jig    5Own tune 
The CuckooHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 1703Reel    5Own tune 
Cupid's BridgeThomas Bray, Country Dances, 16993-time    7Own tune 
DammeHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 1698Hornpipe    6Own tune 
DampierWalsh, Complete CDM, 1718Hornpipe    6Own tune 
Dancing with SharonDWAD4 1996Reel    5Own tune 
DartingtonNaomi Alexander, DWAD5, 1998Reel    4Own tuneRecordings
The Devil's DreamJohn Playford, Dancing Master, 1670Jig    5Own tune 
Devonshire HouseHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 1698Jig    6Own tune 
Dick's MaggotHenry Playford, PWAD1, 1703 / 19953-time    5Own tune 
Draw Cupid DrawJohn Young, Dancing Master, 1710Reel    6Own tune 
Early Spring Blossom2008Reel    7Own tuneRecordings
Easter ThursdayJohn Johnson, Caledonian CD's c. 17333-time    5Own tune 
Elderberry Bubblegum20115-time    6Own tune 
ElizabethDWAD4 19963-time    5Own tuneRecordings
English Breakfast TeaDWAD5 1998Reel    7Own tune 
Folkus Pocus20053-time    7Own tune 
Foxhunter's Jig2009Slip-Jig    6Own tune 
The Friar and the NunJohn Playford, Dancing Master, 1651Reel    5Own tune 
The GraduateDWAD5 1998Slip-Jig    6Own tuneRecordings
The Great TurkJohn Essex, Further Imp. of Dancing, 1710Jig    5Own tune 
Hands Across the Water2014Reel    6Own tune 
Hobb's WeddingJohn Young, Dancing Master, 1721Jig    6Own tune 
Hombey HouseJohn Young, Dancing Master, 17133-time    6Own tune 
Irish LamentationWalsh, 3rd Book of Complete DM, c. 17353-time    5Own tune 
JamaicaJohn Playford, Dancing Master, 1670Reel    5Own tune 
Jug of Punch20003-time    7Own tune 
Julia2011Reel    6Own tune 
Karen's TubaDWAD5 1998Reel    5Own tune 
Lady Banbury's HornpipeJohn Playford, Dancing Master, 16653-time    8Own tune 
Lady DayHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 1698Reel    6Own tune 
The Lark in the Clear Air20163-time    6Own tune 
The Last of EnglandDWAD5 1998Reel    5Own tune 
Lilli BurleroHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 1690Jig    5Own tune 
Love is little2017Reel    5Own tune 
Mad MollHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 1695Slip-Jig    5Own tuneRecordings
Major O'FlachertyAshover Book, c. 1764Jig    5Own tune 
The MaskHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 1688Jig    6Own tune 
Michael and Gillian20153-time    6Own tune 
Money for Old Rope2019Reel    6Own tune 
Mr Beveridge's MaggotHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 17013-time    7Own tune 
Mr Isaac's MaggotHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 16953-time    5Own tune 
Mr Young's DelightHenry Playford, PWAD1, 1696 / 1995Reel    5Own tune 
Mrs Felton's Maggot20063-time    6Own tuneRecordings
Muriel's MeasureDWAD4 1996Reel    5Own tuneRecordings
The Music Will Tell You2006Medley    7Own tune 
Never Love Thee MoreJohn Playford, Dancing Master, 1686Jig    5Own tune 
New London Assembly2016Reel    7Own tune 
New York TimesDWAD5 1998Reel    6Own tuneRecordings
Old BatchelorHenry Playford, PWAD1, 1695 / 1995Jig    5Own tune 
Old Friends and NewDWAD5 19983-time    9Own tune 
Old Noll's JigHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 1701Jig    5Own tune 
The OperaJohn Playford, Dancing Master, 1675Jig    6Own tune 
Pachelbel's Canon2002Reel    9Own tune 
The Prince's FavouriteJ. Dale, Dale's Selection, c. 1800Reel    4Own tune 
The PrincessHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 1701Jig    6Own tune 
The Punch-BowlHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 17013-time    6Own tune 
Pye CornerHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 1695Jig    5Own tune 
Saint Louis20073-time    7Own tune 
Salute to Southam2002Reel    5Own tune 
Saunter in Stafford2012Reel    4Tango in Toronto 
Spring Blossom2008Reel    6Own tuneRecordings
Stourbridge FairJohn Young, Dancing Master, 1713Jig    5Own tune 
La Tambourine2018Reel    5Own tune 
Tango in Toronto2010Reel    7Own tuneRecordings
Ted meets Pachelbel2002Reel    6Own tune 
The TempleHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 1701Reel    6Own tune 
Three Heys in May20203-time    6Own tune 
Three Weddings2007Jig    6Own tuneRecordings
TitaniaNDFO1 1992Reel    7Maiden LaneRecordings
A Trip to the CampJohn Young, Dancing Master, 1718Reel    7Elverton Grove 
The Trip to the JubileeJohn Essex, Further Imp. of Dancing, 1710Slip-Jig    6Own tuneRecordings
True BritanniaDWAD5 1998Jig    4Own tune 
The Twenty-Ninth of MayJohn Playford, PWAD1, 1686 / 1995Reel    6Own tuneRecordings
Val2002Reel    6Own tune 
La VictoireDezais, 1712, ParisReel    6Own tune 
Whimbleton HouseHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 17013-time    6Own tuneRecordings
Whitney's FarewellHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 1695Jig    5Own tune 
The WitchesJohn Playford, PWAD1, 1675 / 1995Jig    5Own tune 
Young PhillisJohn Young, Dancing Master, 17183-time    5Own tune 
Longways triple:  Playford
The Free MasonThompson, Apted Book, 1774-1779Jig    5Own tune 
From AberdeenHenry Playford, Dancing Master, 1695Reel    7Own tune 
The Imperial MeasureAnn Higley, Dancing Every Day, 1997Reel    6Own tune 
L'AllegranteJ. Dale, Dale's Selection, c. 1800Schottishe    6Own tune 
MoonfleetDWAD4 19963-time    7Own tuneRecordings
Mr Handel's MinuetDWAD5 19983-time    7Own tune 
Snowflake Waltz2013Waltz    7Own tune 
A Trip to MorlandDWAD3 19903-time    6Own tuneRecordings
Sicilian Circle:  American
Behind You!1990Reel    7  
Sicilian Circle:  General
The Birthday WaltzDWAD4 1996Waltz    5Own tune 
The Christmas WaltzDWAD4 1996Waltz    5  
If I had Maggie in the woodDWAD2 1985Polka    5Own tuneRecordings
Malarkey2000Hornpipe    4  
Saint George For Ever!Cantii Collection, 1992Jig    5Own tune 
Under New ManagementDWAD3 1990Reel    5Own tuneRecordings
Well Done, BrendaDWAD5 1998Polka    4  
Sicilian Circle:  Playford
Alternating CurrentsNDFO1 1992Reel    6AmaryllisRecordings
Jumping CrackerNDFO1 1992Reel    6The PhoenixRecordings
New Orleans2000?3-time    5Own tune 
Square:  Break
All Four Men Beermug Chain2020Reel    7  
Four Gents Star2017Reel    5  
Half Grand Square1983Reel    6  
Mix and Unmix1983Reel    6  
Square:  General
The Catherine Wheel1985Jig    2  
Chess2004Reel    8Own tune 
Dunsmuir Road Hornpipe2022Hornpipe    6Own tune 
E & D Waltz2000Waltz    6Own tune 
The Hobby HorseDWAD1 1980Reel    2Own tuneRecordings
How great is the pleasure2017Waltz    6Own tune 
Jingle Bells Quadrille2019Reel    2Own tune 
Maggie's Waltz Square2002Waltz    5Own tune 
Sweet Georgia Brown1981Reel    2Own tune 
Tea and Sympathy2006Waltz    6Own tune 
Square:  Patter, Phrased
Amtrak Square1995Reel    4  
Augusta Jubilee Square1997Reel    6  
The Belgian ConnectionSWAD2 2004Reel    4  
The Bletchingley SquareSWAD2 2004Reel    6  
Boston '92SWAD1 1992Reel    6  
Bromyard Square1998Reel    6  
Buffalo Gap Square2004Reel    7  
Busy, Busy, Busy2005Reel    8  
Caulking Jig2011Jig    6Own tune 
Chain Through the Star1996Reel    6  
Chippenham Square2010Reel    5  
Colchester StarSWAD1 1992Reel    6  
Colin's ShirtSWAD1 1992Reel    6  
Coniston SquareSWAD2 2004Reel    6  
The Danish ConnectionSWAD2 2004Reel    4  
Do Paso Square2021Reel    6  
Dodgy Dancing2018Reel    7  
Double Star Through2004Reel    8  
Eastbourne SquareSWAD1 1992Reel    5  
Easter MeetSWAD2 2004Reel    6  
Easter RambleSWAD1 1992Reel    5  
Face the ArchSWAD2 2004Reel    6  
Gents Spin Chain Through2020Reel    7  
The German ConnectionSWAD2 2004Reel    7  
Going for a Spin2003Reel    7  
Going West1992Reel    6  
Grab the Nearest GirlSWAD1 1992Reel    4  
Grand Square Through2017Reel    6  
Grand TourSWAD2 2004Reel    6  
House Party Square2003Reel    6  
Ladies Spin Chain Through2020Reel    7  
Men on the EndsSWAD2 2004Reel    4  
Meriden SquareSWAD2 2004Reel    4  
Mississippi Mud PieSWAD1 1992Reel    6  
Mount Gabriel Reel2012Polka    4  
New Year's Eve31st December 1992Reel    4  
Newhaven Square1995Reel    7  
Not So Bad!1992Reel    6  
Passing ThroughSWAD1 1992Reel    5  
Peter's MazeDWAD2 1985Reel    6Own tuneRecordings
Ragtime AnnieSWAD1 1992Reel    6  
Recognition!SWAD2 2004Reel    4  
A Reel Challenge1995Reel    5  
Riding Down to DixieSWAD2 2004Reel    7Own tune 
Riverdale Square1981Reel    2  
Salem SquareSWAD2 2004Reel    5  
Scintillating SquareSWAD2 2004Reel    6  
Seattle Square1995Reel    6  
The Sheffield SpiralSWAD2 2004Reel    7  
Shipston Square2010Reel    6  
Sidmouth SquareSWAD1 1992Reel    5  
The Slender Chain1994Reel    5  
South Coast SpecialSWAD1 1992Reel    5  
Square Wheels1992Reel    6  
Stamford SquareSWAD2 2004Reel    5  
Staten Island Square1994Reel    4Own tune 
Swing Your CornerSWAD1 1992Reel    6  
Time LimitSWAD2 2004Reel    7  
TopspinSWAD2 2004Reel    7  
Triple ChainSWAD2 2004Reel    6  
Triple Swing ThroughSWAD2 2004Reel    8  
Virginia Square1986Reel    4  
Winchester SquareSWAD2 2004Reel    6  
The Wrong StarSWAD2 2004Reel    7  
Square:  Patter, Unphrased
All A-Flutter2012Reel    8  
Ladies FirstSWAD2 2004Reel    8  
More or LessSWAD1 1992Reel    6  
New Season SquareSWAD1 1992Reel    5  
Shoot the Buffalo2008Reel    5  
Where's My Corner?SWAD1 1992Reel    4  
Square:  Playford
Cecil Sharp HouseCecil Sharp House, 1988Reel    9Own tuneRecordings
Covent GardenNDFO1 1992Jig    7Hey, Boys, Up Go WeRecordings
ElegyDWAD5 1998Reel    7Own tune 
Fain I WouldJohn Playford, Dancing Master, 1651Jig    7Own tune 
Garden City SquareDWAD5 1998Medley    7Own tuneRecordings
Hampton CourtNDFO1 1992Jig    6Upon a Summer's DayRecordings
If All the World Were PaperJohn Playford, Dancing Master, 1651Jig    5Own tune 
Mr Felton's Retirement2012Medley    7Own tune 
NewcastleJohn Playford, Dancing Master, 1651Reel    6Own tune 
The Old World and the NewNDFO1 1992Reel    6Maids' MorrisRecordings
Ringing the ChangesNDFO1 1992Jig    7The Merry Merry MilkmaidsRecordings
The Twist of FateDWAD1 1980Reel    6Own tuneRecordings
Welcome HomeNDFO1 1992Medley    6Jenny Pluck PearsRecordings
Square:  Positional
Chain Through the Star1996Reel    6  
Square:  Positional Break
Positional Promenade2023Reel    5  
Square:  Sung
Alabama Jubilee SquareSWAD1 1992Reel    5Own tune 
Down TownSWAD1 1992Reel    6Own tune 
Goodbye Girls, I'm Going to BostonSWAD2 2004Reel    6Own tune 
I'm the King of the SwingersSWAD1 1992Reel    6Own tune 
Log CabinSWAD2 2004Reel    6Own tune 
My Old Man said Follow the VanSWAD1 1992Reel    5Own tune 
Ob-la-di, Ob-la-daSWAD1 1992Reel    6Own tune 
Save the Last Dance for Me2005Reel    5Own tune 
Something StupidSWAD1 1992Reel    6Own tune 
Sweet Georgia BrownSWAD1 1992Reel    5Own tune 
Square:  Western
Basic 11990Reel    8  
Basic 1A1990Reel    8  
Basic 21990Reel    8  
Basic 31990Reel    8  
Basic 3A1990Reel    8  
Basic 41990Reel    8  
Basic 51990Reel    8  
Basic 61990Reel    8  
Basic 71990Reel    8  
Basic 7A1990Reel    8  
Basic 7B1990Reel    8  
Double-Dealing1992Reel    7  
Flutter Wheel1983Reel    7  
Single Swing Through1999Reel    7  
The Wrong Side of Town1996Reel    7  
Unequal Numbers:  General
The Gender Balance1994Reel    6  
KaleidoscopeDWAD3 1990Reel    6Own tuneRecordings
The Poodle-FakerDWAD3 1990Reel    5Own tuneRecordings
Unequal Numbers:  Playford
Belstead HouseNDFO1 1992Reel    6ChestnutRecordings

Totals at Nov 23:  Written by Colin: 337   Interpreted by Colin: 106   Music by Colin: 17