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I admit it — I produced this book in a rush and there are far too many mistakes!

Northbourne Hop — page 6

You are supposed to join hands in the lines.

In bar 4 of the A-music, everything but the last note should be moved up a third, so the melody note is F# not D.  Click here for a corrected version of the tune.

Old Friends and New — page 7

The B music should start A C C D C and then F in bar 2, rather than A E E F E and then A in bar 2.  Click here for a corrected version of the tune.

Star of David — page 10

The dancing right shoulder round someone in A1 and A2 is until you are facing in — don't go all the way round.

True Brittannia — page 21

The D music in 2:2 time is for the last time through the dance.

Good Turns — page 22

It's a standard progression (2-3-1), not a reverse progression.

Midwinter — page 24

Bar 7 of the B-music needs crotchet G and B after the minim G and an octave below it.

The Clocks go Forward Tonight — page 26

What I meant in B1/B2 is that the reel starts 3-2-1, you get back to these positions and then the threes and twos do one more change to finish 2-3-1, which is a standard progression in England.

The Clocks Go Back Tonight — page 27

Add a time signature of 2:2, and the sharp in the key signature of the second line.

Tea Up!  — page 32

A1 is like the start of a “strip the willow” from both ends.  It should be danced with a step-hop all the way through, not just in B2.

Elegy — page 29

In bar 8 of the B music the last two notes should be A, B, not F, G.  See/hear the correct version.

English Breakfast Tea — page 30:   In C2, “Men cross left shoulder” means “cast left shoulder round each other”.

Garden City Square — page 40

I've been asked to clarify that after the left-hand turn ¾ in the third figure B1 the ladies move anti-clockwise and the men move clockwise in the circular hey.  In B2 it's the other way.

No Clapping!  — page 44

The note should say Cary Ravitz, not Gary Ravitz.  The sharp in the key signature of the A music shouldn't be there, but as there aren't any F's in the tune it doesn't matter!

Megalomania — page 48

Yes I did mean that G# in bar 5 of the B-music — but I've missed out an F# in bar 7.

January 2002

On Monday, October 29, 2007, Grant Logan from Toronto (Thornhill, Ontario) wrote:
Colin, in Tea Up! you indicate using a step-hop for A2. Do I assume the remainer of the dance is a walking step. It seems to me that the whole dance could be done using a schottische step - 1,2,3,hop.

Thanks,  Grant
On Monday, October 29, 2007, Colin Hume from Letchworth wrote:
Grant -

I'm sorry, there are more errors in DWAD5 than in any of my other books - I produced it in a rush.  In this case I copied the instructions straight from my card, which has the "step-hop" squeezed in at the end of A2.  I would expect the whole dance to be done to a step-hop, though in any hornpipe dance you have the option of using a schottishe step.