BackDances with a Difference, Volume 4

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Muriel's Measure


Strawberries and Cream — page 11

Let me be clearer — in B2 the top two people on the men's side and the bottom two people on the ladies' side start the reels.

Elizabeth — pages 16, 17

In B I meant the circle left half-way to be six steps, then come in for three steps, then fall back for three steps.

In the C-music, Bar 7: F should be F natural.

In D let me be clearer about the timing.  The ones cross (6 steps), cast (6 steps), half figure eight up (12 steps).  The twos wait (6 steps), half figure eight up (12 steps), lead up (6 steps).

Dancing with Sharon — page 13

In the Notes to musicians, some people haven't realised that Bare Necessities is a band, not the song from Disney's Jungle Book!

The Merifest Central Square — page 20

The general principle “Those falling back always arch” is correct; some of the specifics are wrong.  The first half of the Grand Square finishes with the sides arching as they back out, and the middles leading under.  The reverse starts with the middles falling back, making an arch for the sides to lead under.

In B1 I should have explained it more clearly as “Middles pass opposite right shoulder to start half a reel of four with the heads.”

The Birthday Waltz — page 22

D should be “passing partner right shoulder”, not opposite.

Muriel's Measure — page 24

In B2 I probably use six steps for the turn and ten for the star, rather than eight for each — though of course it should flow smoothly from one to the other.

June 2009