A new version of an old story for younger performers.  You can print out the songs; you can also listen to MP3 versions which will give you an idea of how they will sound.  I suggest you click the [Play MP3] button first to start the music playing, then go back and click the [Print] button which may give you a larger version of the score to read.  Even better, there are now recordings from the first performance of the work by years 3 and 4 of the Sutherland Primary Academy, Easter 2015.  Estimated running time: 1 hour.

Script in Microsoft Word formatLine GuideLyricsBreakdown of scenes, characters, scenery, props


Our story begins with the village children playing a singing game, “See how the story goes”, but they are interrupted when Rumpelstiltskin, a goblin, appears and scares them.  He tries to make friends with them but their parents hurry on and drive him away.  The Miller arrives and boasts that his daughter Hannah is so clever that she could spin straw into gold (“I'm the Miller”).  The King — a greedy man, more concerned with fashionable clothes than with ruling Germany — hears this and has her taken to his palace.  Rumpelstiltskin decides he must help Hannah and do the magic on her behalf.  He tries out “The Spell” at home to see if it will work.

The “Citizens of Berlin” don't notice Rumpelstiltskin arriving in the city.  Meanwhile, the King sees his tailors who sing “Clothes make the man”.  He locks Hannah in a chamber full of straw, threatening dire consequences if she fails to do his bidding.  Rumpelstiltskin appears, to save a distraught Hannah, working his magic as he once again casts “The Spell”.

The greedy King is delighted, but twice more he forces Hannah to turn ever-increasing quantities of straw into gold.  Each time Hannah must pay for Rumpelstiltskin's help, eventually leading her to make a dramatic promise.

A year later, the citizens are celebrating the birth of a Princess (“Let's have a party!”)

In the cathedral everyone is attending “The Christening”, which is halted abruptly when Rumpelstiltskin bursts in.  He gives Hannah a puzzling ultimatum — how will she fare against his challenge?  Will she have to keep her earlier promise?  How will the story end?

Singer(s)MP3 versionTimeRecording
Children, RumpelstiltskinSee how the story goes1:15Recording
Miller, Children, VillagersI'm the Miller2:09Recording
ScurryingAs requiredRecording
Rumpelstiltskin, GoblinsThe Spell3:11Recording
CitizensCitizens of Berlin2:00Recording
Engelbert, TailorsClothes make the man2:57Recording
Sinister and creepy0:48Recording
Rumpelstiltskin, GoblinsThe Spell (reprise)0:36 + underscoreRecording
Sinister and boppy0:16Recording
Citizens, Engelbert, TailorsLet's have a party3:24Recording
AllThe Christening1:40Recording
HannahFree3:40Currently dropped
AllLife is getting better4:27Recording