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23 dances from the Beckenham Folk Dance Club Competition of 1986, edited by Colin Hume.

All these dances are now on the website — I was given permission to publish them at the time.  The introduction reads:

These dances are my choice of the best of those submitted to the Beckenham and Croydon Folk Dance Club's “Dance Search '86” Competition, and I hope you will agree that they are an excellent and varied selection of dances.  Some have been improved slightly (with the authors' permission) for publication.  The top twelve were danced at Beckenham in March '87, and I selected the top three on that occasion.  My thanks to Jennifer Kiek, Sue Barnett, Derek Jones and Margaret Albon for organising the whole thing, leaving me free to judge the dances (which were submitted to me anonymously), and to Kafoozalum for providing the music.  Apologies for the delay in publishing this book, but I agreed to adjudicate the competition before Cecil Sharp House came under attack and I have been extremely busy on behalf of the Friends ever since.

In the first column are the “top twelve” dances which were tried out at the competition.  Some of the other dances submitted were also strong contenders, so I include a number of them in the second column.  I've tried them all out, and I assure you they all work.  See what you make of them — you may even decide that one of these should have been the winner.

The Beckenham and Croydon Folk Dance Club meets every Friday at 8 p.m. at St Barnabas Church Hall, Perth Road, Oakwood Avenue, Beckenham, Kent.

I don't think the club has a website, but it has a Facebook page at beckenhamfolkdanceclub