BackOne girl, one dream! — Scenes and Songs

1:  Street422All
Song:  Welcome to LondonAll
Song:  All I want to do is change the worldViola
2:  Gary's flat531Candy, Viola, Gary, Fran, Edward
3:  Street479Fran, Edward, Harry
4:  School1248Mr Parkinson, All Kids
Song:  What are you doing here?All Kids
5:  Building Site Office137Edward, Mr Kimberley
6:  Building Site167Edward, Mr Kimberley, Ricky, Nathan, men
7:  Nightclub209Fran, Sidney, Bill, Ben
8:  Gary's Flat735Candy, Viola, Gary
Song:  StrangeViola, Gary
9:  Flower Shop1056Candy, Miss Floribunda, Doctor Jarvis
10:  Cat Shelter1602Mr Parkinson, Louisa, All Kids, Chorus
Song:  Think like a catLouisa, All
11:  Gary's Flat361Candy, Viola, Gary
12:  Nightclub681Fran, Sidney, Bill, Ben, Urban, two dancers, Chorus
Song:  I'm just the nightclub singerFran, two dancers
13:  Building Site756Viola, Edward, Mr Kimberley, Rickey, Nathan, men
14:  Gary's Flat1030Candy, Viola, Gary, Fran, Edward, Inspector, Policeman
Song:  Almost a fatherGary
15:  Street282All
Song:  Despair / Almost a fatherAll
16:  Hyde Park376All
Song:  You can't help everyoneAll Kids except Viola (adults too?)
17:  Corridor155Viola, Mr Parkinson
18:  Cat Shelter625Mr Parkinson, Louisa
Song:  This catMr Parkinson, Louisa
19:  Gary's Flat367Candy, Viola, Gary
20:  Cat Shelter163Candy, Louisa
21:  Building Site Office173Edward, Mr Kimberley
22:  Cat Shelter313Candy, Louisa
23:  Doorway194Doctor Jarvis, Miss Floribunda
24:  Nightclub293Fran, Sidney, Bill, Ben, Urban, Chorus
Song:  I'm availableFran, Sidney, Bill, Ben, Urban, Chorus
25:  Building site Office233Edward, Mr Kimberley
26:  Playground183All Kids
Song:  Have you ever wondered?All Kids
27:  Edward's Room440Fran, Edward, Urban
28:  Gary's Flat583Viola, Gary, Candy
29:  Office foyer195Viola, Doorman, Courier
30:  Mr Chandler's Office274Viola, Mr Chandler
31:  Office foyer  20Viola, Doorman
32:  Street710All
Song:  Once I thought that I could change the worldViola
Song:  What you've done for meAll
33:  Gary's flat1074Candy, Viola, Gary, Fran, Edward
Song:  Do we know what love is?Gary Candy, (chorus?)
34:  Street639All
Song:  Moving onAll

Words is just a straight count from the script — dialogue, songs, directions.