BackOne girl, one dream!

Viola is a twelve-year-old girl with a mission — she wants to change the world by helping other people.  But her mother Candy is not a good role model — she's always splitting up with her men and dragging Viola and her older sister Fran off to live in some other part of the country.  They move to London to stay with their old friend Gary, but things don't run smoothly for them.  Fran's boyfriend Edward gets a job at a building site but the Site Manager is a dreadful man to deal with.  Fran gets a job as a nightclub singer, but she's not as sophisticated as she would like to believe.  Candy is a shoplifter and this eventually catches up with her.  Viola's school-teacher Mr Parkinson is too shy to ask the woman who runs the cat shelter for a date.  And when Gary has problems at work, Viola's attempts to help seem to make everything worse.

There are seven main parts and lots of small parts and chorus numbers, including several children.  The musical style is tuneful and varied, but not operatic and not rock.

Here are the links to the songs.  You can print the music; you can also listen to MP3 versions on your computer or smartphone.  I also have an MP3 recording of Stephanie Seal singing I'm just the nightclub singer.  Running time: 1¾ hours???

AllWelcome to London4:02
ViolaAll I want to do is change the world4:18
Fran, Edward, HarryCold dark streets4:05
“Cold Dark Streets” was replaced by dialogue, but it can be reinstated.
All KidsThe Ship4:26
“The Ship” was replaced by the following, but either can be used.
All KidsWhat are you doing here?2:24
Viola, GaryStrange2:46
Louisa, Mr Parkinson, ChorusThink like a Cat4:08
Fran & Women's ChorusI'm just the nightclub singer3:37
GaryAlmost a Father3:09
AllDespair plus Almost a father1:09
All KidsYou can't help everyone!2:16
Louisa, Mr ParkinsonThis Cat4:46
Fran & Adult ChorusI'm available2:13
ViolaOnce I thought that I could change the world1:09
AllWhat you've done for me2:04
Gary, Candy, AllDo we know what love is?6:31
AllMoving on4:11
All (possible encore)Reprise of All I want to do is change the world1:09