BackNew Year's Eve Dance

Renata and I ran a Dance on New Year's Eve from 2002 to 2005.  Then she lost interest in dancing, so it didn't happen for many years, but last year — 2017 — with the assistance of Harold Bland and Linda Moon — it was finally back again.  And we've decided to run it again this year — same band and caller, same price, same venue:   Click for map.

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Central Methodist Hall, Pixmore Way / Norton Way South, Letchworth, SG6 3TR.  8pm — 12.30am.

Music by Mollie Koenigsberger and Ali Ellacott.

Colin Hume will present an evening of good dancing (American, Playford, Traditional, etc.) for those who want to enjoy themselves and be challenged occasionally too.  Not suitable for beginners!

No alcohol or smoking on the premises, and you will need food for a bring-and-share plus drink for yourself.  We won't be providing tea and coffee — the organisers want to dance too!