BackJungle Judgement

A musical for younger performers.  I'm open to suggestions and advice, and would love a fairly definite offer of a performance.  I can tailor it to your requirements and do orchestrations if you wish.  Here are the links to the script and songs.  You can print out the songs; you can also listen to MP3 versions which will give you an idea of how they will sound.  I suggest you click the [Play MP3] button first to start the music playing, then go back and click the [Print] button which may give you a larger version of the score to read.  I also have an MP3 recording of Stephanie Seal singing I used to be a human.  Running time: about 45 minutes.

Script in Microsoft Word format

KitesHigh as a Kite
SnakesSmall furry animals
LionsMake way!
Wise WomanI used to be a human
All animalsZoo
EnsembleLeave the Jungle
EnsembleLeave the Jungle (together)
Wise WomanThe Tide
EnsembleHymn to the Jungle
MonkeysMonkeys in Charge!