BackBuild your own Website:  Advice for Mac users

Apple Macintosh users love their machines and consider them to be far superior to PCs.  They may well be right, but I work in the corporate world and I have to use PCs, so that's what I know about and that's what these notes refer to.  Most servers run UNIX rather than Windows, so that's a third area of confusion.

If you're a Mac user and I've got things wrong here, please let me know.

A Mac doesn't have a right mouse button, but I understand that control-click is the equivalent of right-click on a PC.  This will often give a pop-up menu relating to the item you clicked on.

I don't think WebEdit will run on a Mac, so you'll need to use a search engine to find another editor.  It won't have exactly the same features, but I recommend that you find an editor which will validate your HTML and run it, validate your CSS, and also allow you to upload files from your hard disk to your server — an FTP client, to be technical.  And preferably free!  Of course you can have separate programs for editing and uploading if you wish.

I've heard good reports of the freeware editor KompoZer, available at — it runs on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Firefox can be a great help in validating HTML and CSS, though it objects to things that I think are fine!

When I put"apple mac" "html editor" "ftp client" freewareinto Google it returned 4,140 matches, but I don't have a Mac (or the time) to find out more.

A Mac doesn't use file extensions, or if it does they're hidden away from you.  So you probably don't know what I'm talking about when I say that your home page must be called index.htm or index.html — but when you upload your home page to a Windows or UNIX server you certainly do need one of those extensions, and I assume the FTP client will handle this.  And when you link from one page to another (in your menu, for instance) you will need to specify the correct extension.  As far as I know, CSS and JavaScript files can have any extension you like, but I recommend that if possible you use .css and .js when you upload them to the server.

On Monday, July 20, 2020, Bruce Hamilton from California wrote:
Mac mice now support left- and right-click operations. (Sadly,) files in the Mac system mostly have file extensions now -- from when Apple went to a version of Unix.