BackKing Arthur and the Challenge

A fresh look at some classic characters.  You can print out the songs; you can also listen to MP3 versions which will give you an idea of how they will sound.  I suggest you click the [Play MP3] button first to start the music playing, then go back and click the [Print] button which may give you a larger version of the score to read.

Estimated running time: ???.

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King Arthur and his knights consider themselves “Real men” while Queen Guinevere and her ladies complain that the men aren't interested in them and won't do anything they ask.  Morgan le Fay appears and tells the ladies she has a plan which will make the men appreciate them; she says the ladies need to give the men a new kind of challenge.  When the men discover what the challenge involves they are horrified — but they have given their word and must go through with it.  Meanwhile Morgan le Fay travels up to Scotland where she tries to encourage the over-cautious MacDonald to embark on an escapade of great daring and danger to further her secret plans.

Will her plan succeed?  Who will win the contest, and what effect will this have on the relationship between the sexes?  All will be revealed!

SingersMP3 versionTimeNotes
Act 1
KnightsReal men3:08
LadiesWhat can we do?3:20
Morgan le Fay and LadiesMorgan le Fay2:58
AllThe Challenge6:23
Gareth and LinnetI have a heart3:08
Morgan le FaySpeed, Bonny Boat2:38
AllMarching men4:30
Act 2
AllShe's our ship1:36
MacDonald and Morgan le FayEnd of the day2:42
ArthurGood King2:50
LinnetNever intended1:53 + underscore
Vivien and EscanorMan and Wife1:39
Guinevere and ArthurTo win a woman's love3:13
Dance sequence?:??Not yet written
ArthurGood King — reprise1:31
AllThere comes a time3:27