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Welcome to my web site.  I'm Colin Hume, best known as a Folk Dance caller and composer.  You may find me appearing at Halsway Manor, Folk Camps, Folk Festivals such as Eastbourne, Chippenham, Lichfield, Sidmouth, Broadstairs, Morland, Southam and Whitby, plus Dance Weeks in the States run by the Country Dance and Song Society and the Bay Area Country Dance Society.  In my spare time I'm a programmer/developer (I wrote the computer version of The Clarkson Register for Clarkson Research Services) and have built many web sites — see the Programming section for more details.
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News Flash

Version 4 of my Dance Organiser program is now available, including lots of improvements for contra callers.

Renata's Open Garden under the auspices of the NGS was a great success — we had 200 visitors; we ran out of cakes and only had four plants left from the plant sale.
The 27th August edition of Garden News had an excellent article about the garden with lots of lovely photos — you can see part of the article and one of the photos here.

You can read the notes of my presentation to the New London Assembly:
Divided by a common language.

My short story “Lot 4096” won third prize in the Letchworth Festival Flash Fiction Competition.  Read it here.