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Mike O'Connor sent this (now updated) to the ECD List in April 2020 after much discussion on the topic.

Many of you who are callers have extensive and well organized files of dances, and you will have instructions and dots for all or most of these dances.  But others may not, and I thought that non-callers might be interested to see who has choreographed or reconstructed them.  So I have added a column giving that information, taking the names from the submissions, the Lambertville list of ECD videos that David Tilove has assembled, and Colin's website.  I decided that trying to distinguish between new compositions and reconstructions wasn't worth the effort, but this means that I may have identified a reconstructor whose version is not the same as the version that the person suggesting the dance preferred.  If this is you, you can change it.

Russell Owen, in Seattle, suggested that he would find it interesting to be able to look back and see who had suggested the different dances, so I have done what I could to add a column with the initials of those I could identify.  I thought it might provide a basis for future conversations among people who don't know each other, perhaps next summer at a dance camp. "Oh, you're the one who recommended XYZ!  I really loved learning that dance." It is not complete.  I don't know if many people will care, but if you do, again you can update this page.

Some people who proposed dances mentioned the books in which the dances were published.  I started trying to add this, but gave up.  I could do it for Fried's dances, but I don't have enough of Colin's, or Gary's, or other dance books to do this.  If someone wants to take this on, be my guest.

This is perhaps just an idle curiosity, but people here have been so creative lately that I expect that several will assemble one or more programs exclusively or primarily from the list.  Unlikely that this could happen much before fall, but maybe those who do will share their programs on this List afterwards and tell us of the reactions of your dancers.  With luck, maybe late November or early December would be a good target.

Index of Nominators

ASAnthony Stone, Cambridge, England
AYAl Yanis, Boston area, USA
CHColin Hume, Letchworth, England
CKCammy Kaynor, Amherst area, USA
GKGraham Knight, England
JBJohn/Jan Bloom, Houston, USA
JMJim Morgan, Pittsburgh, USA
JSJohn Sweeney, Kent, Engand
KKKalia Kliban, Bay Area, USA
LSLea Smith, Mendocino County, USA
MAMelanie Axel-Lute, Albany, NY, USA, area
MMMartin Mulligan, St. Johns, Newfoundland
MOMike O'Connor, NYC, USA
PDPeg Duthie, Nashville, USA
RCRenee Camus, Sylmar, CA, USA
RORussell Owen, Seattle, USA
TGTerry Gaffney, Boston, USA
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List of dances

TitleAuthor/ReconstructorBook/websiteNominatorLinksUpdated by
Beach SpringLeslie LassetterTG
BellamiraCharles BoltonKK
Birds of a FeatherFriendly/SackettTG
Black and GreyKalia KlibanCK
BlackheathMike RichardsonRO
Blew BreechesJohn YoungCKCH
Bob's BoomerangMike RichardsonRO
Braye's MaggotThomas BrayCountry Dances, 1699CKCH
California FarewellCarol Ann Krug GravesRO
Chamberlain ElectionMatthew WelchTGLinkCH
ChristinaNaomi AlexanderCH
Crown the YearFried HermanMO
Doctor Bending's SerpentSharon GreenJSLink
Dorset Four Hand ReelTraditional EnglishCDMAYCH
Dunant House WaltzColin HumePDLinkCH
Fain I WouldJohn PlayfordCHLinkCH
Flora and PhaonAndrew ShawElephants StairsKKAS
From AberdeenHenry PlayfordMOLinkCH
Frozen FireFried HermanRO
Goodman of AntwerpGary RoodmanTG
Hip Hip Hurray
How Great Is the PleasureColin HumeMALinkCH
Huntingdon's MaggotBernard BentleyFallibroomeGK
ImpertinenceFried HermanRC
InterruptionsMiriam NewmanRC
Jenny Pluck PearsJohn PlayfordAY & TGCH
Jovial Beggars (longways)Charles BoltonKK
K & EPat ShawCKLinkCH
Kappy's Dual PorpoisesBob Green
Kill Him with KindnessCK
Kneeland RompGary RoodmanLS
Koepoort GalliardPat ShawAY ??
Lady Williams' DelightRich GallowayPD
Leslie's ValentineScott Higgs
Long PondPat ShawCKLinkCH
Maggie's Waltz SquareColin Hume??LinkCH
Master Barton's ArrivalDavid SmuklerPD
McDonald's MarchAndrew ShawFarnicle HuggyJB
Measured ObsessionFried HermanMO
Miss Bedlington's FancyPat ShawPat Shaw Collection Book 2JSLink
Miss de Jersey's MemorialPat ShawMMLinkCH
Miss Sparks's MaggotBernard BentleyFallibroomeCK
Movement AfootAlan WinstonJB
My Lord Byron's MaggotHenry Playford??CH
MylecharaneFried Herman
Nervous Breakdown (1)Charles Bolton
Nervous Breakdown (2)Bernard Chalk
Norbury ParkFried HermanMO
Old Wife Behind the FireR.Jackson/G.FoggRO
Oliver's MaggotDawn WinskillCantii CollectionAY
Orange NanAndrew ShawMO
Oranges and LemonsJohn PlayfordMOLinkCH
Pall MallAndrew ShawRO
PartheniaM.Heffler/W.PorterMaggot PieCK
Patrick's WaltzPhilippe CallensMO
Picking up/of SticksJohn PlayfordCKCH
Pins and NeedlesTraditional EnglishCHLinkCH
Prince WilliamWalshGK
Queen Anne's DelightDon Lennartson
Queen of ShebaM.Heffler/W.PorterMaggot Pie
Rosamond's PondThomas BrayCountry Dances, 1699PDCH
Saint Margaret's HillBernard BentleyFallibroomeCK
Saturday TriadFried Herman
Say I DoGary Roodman
SeabrightNaomi AlexanderNaomi's Tunes and DancesJSJS
Something ElscheÆgle HoekstraJSLink
Songs of the HarpistFried HermanGK & TG
Spring GardenJohn PlayfordTGCH
St John's #4Lovelace Manuscript/John SweeneyJSLink
St. Giles' GateNorris W. WinstoneJSLink
Sun AssemblyKen SheffieldFrom Two BarnsCKCH
Sussex CottageChris TurnerKK
The Cream PotFallibroomeGKCH
The Devilish Delight of Dr. DennardFried HermanMO
The Dusty MillerNealMO
The Eastbourne RoverKevin PrigmoreJSLink
The Engaging EngineerSharon GreenPD
The Flying SorceressKalia KlibanPD
The Happy ConclusionAndrew ShawElephants StairsJBCH
The Human RaceFried HermanMO
The Lover's LuckThomas BrayCountry Dances, 1699??CH
The Magnificent SevenBob ArcherJSLink
The Merry Merry MilkmaidsJohn PlayfordCHLinkCH
The SierraAlisa DodsonTG
The Wood DuckFried HermanMO
The Young WidowJohn Griffiths 1788Cracking ChestnutsJSLink
The Zither ManColin WallaceCumbriana Jones and the Theatre of DoomRORO
Valiant CaptainCK
VigoAndrew ShawJM
Wheels Within WheelsCarmen GiuntaJSLink
White WheatHazel Moircolinhume.comMMLinkCH
Yorkshire Square EightTraditional EnglishCHLinkCH

Total Nominators: 17   Total Dances: 92