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The English Bachelor        The English Bachelor: Music in PDF, MIDI and ABC formatPrint this dance

Written (when I was a bachelor) as a second tune for Pat Shaw's dance “The American Husband”.  Warn the caller if you're going to use it — the A-music starts like the B-music of the original tune!

Here Goes!        Here Goes!: Music in PDF, MIDI and ABC formatPrint this dance

Dance: Mark Elvins, Music: Colin Hume, 1991.

Mark was calling the wedding dance for Philip Rowe and Joyce Bradley.  He wrote a contra and asked me to write a tune.

The dance instructions are at and both dance and music appear in Mark's book “Both Feet Plus One” published in 2010.

Here's to Hannah        Here's to Hannah: Music in PDF, MIDI and ABC formatPrint this dance

Music: Colin Hume, 2010.

For Hannah Dixon, excellent fiddle player at Cambridge (UK) Contra.  Hannah moved to Peterborough and for a few years I didn't see much of her.  I was so glad when she moved back to the Cambridge area that I presented her with this tune.

Hume's Humour        Hume's Humour: Music in PDF, MIDI and ABC formatPrint this dance

Music: Fiona Maurice-Smith, 2010.

I was calling an American session at Whitby Folk Week in 2010 with Jigabit led by Fiona Maurice-Smith whom I hadn't seen for many years — she's on the wedding circuit rather than the dance club circuit these days!  I wanted a 48-bar reel for one of my squares and these seem to be in short supply, so Fi wrote me this one and it's here in case other bands are asked for a 48-bar American-style reel suitable for a patter square.  I wanted to call it “Fi's 48” but she chose another title.

The Imperial Measure        The Imperial Measure: Music in PDF, MIDI and ABC formatPrint this dance

The dance is by Ann Higley (now Ann Barlow) and the instructions are in her book “Dancing Every Day” published in 1997.  I was taken by the dance and decided to write a tune to it.

Joy        Joy: Music in PDF, MIDI and ABC formatPrint this dance

The two tunes “Joy” and “There's one on the way” were written by Dennis Salter in 1991 for his first grandchild and 1993 when her brother Julian was expected.  I've liked these tunes for years, and they go well to Lannie McQuaide's contra “Joy”.

Maggie's Moving On        Maggie's Moving On: Music in PDF, MIDI and ABC formatPrint this dance

Music: Colin Hume.  Date unknown.

Maggie Grant of New Jersey asked me to write a waltz for her, and I was very pleased with this one (though I struggle to play it).  As written it's a 96-bar waltz, so if you're playing it at the end of a dance and don't want it to go on too long (in England, I'm talking about!) you could play it AABBCC and then ABC.

Pat's Tradition        Pat's Tradition: Music in PDF, MIDI and ABC formatPrint this danceRecordings

Music: Colin Hume.  Date unknown.

The dance was written by Cor Hogendijk for Pat Shaw, who had close links with The Netherlands, and published in “English or Double Dutch” in 1973.  There's not much live music for dancing in The Netherlands, and for this reason (I assume) dances are often written to existing recorded tunes.  Cor set this one to the Scottish jig “My wife's a wanton wee thing”.  Mick Peat and the Ripley Wayfarers used a different tune, and Mick told the dancers that the last phrase of music said “Move up, move up, move up”.  “No it doesn't”, I thought, so I wrote one that did!  I also felt that a dance this good deserved its own tune.  Later when Wild Thyme were recording the “Dutch Crossing” CD they used my tune for the reprise of “Pat's Tradition”.  This came in for some criticism from people in Belgium and Holland who felt that it was not right to use a different tune, and by that time Cor was dead so I couldn't ask him.  The same criticism was applied to my tune for Ernst van Brakel's dance “Dutch Crossing” (for which he had used a recording of the Scottish reel “Merry Lads of Ayr”), though in this case I had asked Ernst and he had said it was fine.  He told me that people who were used to the old tune preferred that, whereas people new to the dance preferred mine.