“5 Things” Web Chats

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24-Mar-20Graham ChristianCaller (English), researcher, writer
31-Mar-20Joanna ReinerCaller (English)
7-Apr-20Kalia KlibanCaller (English and Contra), dance writerLink
14-Apr-20Rebecca KingPianist (English and Contra) and composerLink
18-Apr-20Cécile LayeFrench teacher of English danceLink
21-Apr-20Kate BarnesMulti-instrumentalist (English and Contra), composer, publisherLink
28-Apr-20Sharon GreenOrganizer, caller (English), dance composerLink
5-May-20Bruce HamiltonCaller (English), Scottish teacher, thought-provoking speaker
12-May-20Brooke FriendlyCaller (English), dance writerLink
16-May-20Susan de GuardiolaHistorical Dance teacher and researcherLink
19-May-20Orly KrasnerCaller (English), dance writer, tune composer, academic
26-May-20David MillstoneCaller (English), videographer, writer, Past CDSS PresidentLink
2-Jun-20Scott HiggsCaller (English and Contra), dance writerLink
9-Jun-20Jenna SimpsonCaller (English), dance writer
16-Jun-20Brad FosterCDSS Executive & Artistic Director 1983-2011
23-Jun-20Katy GermanCDSS Executive Director 2017-
30-Jun-20James HutsonCaller and dance writer (English & Contra)
7-Jul-20Paul RossCaller (English), videographer, organizerLink
14-Jul-20Dave WieslerPianist and Composer (English, Contra and Scottish)Link
18-Jul-20Colin HumeCaller (English, Contra, Square…), dance writer, composer, researcherLink
21-Jul-20Brooke FriendlySpecial theme: Global Terminology / Positional CallingLink
28-Jul-20Bridget WhiteheadCaller and organizer
4-Aug-20Beverly FrancisCaller (English)
11-Aug-20Gary RoodmanDance writerLink
15-Aug-20Allison ThompsonHistorian, dance writer, musician, bloggerLink
18-Aug-20Olivia BarryCaller (English, Contra, Irish), organizer, researcherLink
25-Aug-20Shira KammenMusician, composerLink
1-Sep-20Anna RainCaller (English & Contra), musician
8-Sep-20Chip PrinceMusician (English & Contra)
15-Sep-20Louise SiddonsCaller (English & Contra), Organizer
19-Sep-20Paul CooperResearcher (Regency)Link
22-Sep-20Lisa GreenleafCaller (English, Contra, Squares)
6-Oct-20Susan Kevra and
Rachel Bell
Caller (Susan) and musicians (both) for English and ContraLink
13-Oct-20Gene MurrowCaller, Musician and Producer (English)
17-Oct-20Walter NelsonOrganizer and Lecturer (Historical)
20-Oct-20David SmuklerCaller and dance writer (English, Contra and Square)
27-Oct-20Martha GriffinCaller and Choreographer (English)
3-Nov-20Many guests
10-Nov-20Jonathan JensenMusician and ComposerLink
17-Nov-20Jenny BeerCaller and Choreographer (English)
24-Nov-20Chris SackettCaller, Composer and Choreographer (English)
1-Dec-20Dave Wiesler"Exploring Dance Tunes"Link
8-Dec-20Heather ClarkeResearcher and DancerLink
15-Dec-20Alan WinstonCaller, choreographer and dance organizerLink
22-Dec-20Darlene HamiltonCaller and multi-talented organizer
5-Jan-20Danny WalkowitzDancer and professional Historian
Special New Year Bonus: Link for the After-talk.
12-Jan-21Wayne HankinMulti-instrumentalist (also Cirque du Soleil), inventor of the Jubo (see link).Link
19-Jan-21Gaye FiferCaller (English and Contra)Link
26-Jan-21Elizabeth GoossenCaller (English), choreographer (& Scottish), composer, musician, organizer
2-Feb-21Barbara FinneyCaller and Teacher (English), Organizer
9-Feb-21Jeff SperoPianist, caller and choreographer (Contra)Link
16-Feb-21Alex CummingTraditional singer, musician (accordion & piano), and callerLink
20-Feb-21Nicolas BroadbridgeCaller and Teacher (English), accordionist, researcher, composer, choreographerLink
23-Feb-21Karen AxelrodMusician (English and Contra)Link
9-Mar-21Alisa DodsonCaller and dance writer (English)
16-Mar-21Jacqueline SchwabPianist and caller (English)Link

Alisa Dodson calls, choreographs, organizes dance events, manages BACDS's Hey Days, and served for more than a decade on the board of CDSS.  Please join us on 9th March to hear Alisa's journey, and perhaps learn a few behind-the-scenes secrets!

Registration is now open: tinyurl.com/htds-Mar2

When you register for a web chat you will be sent an email containing two links.  The first is for the web chat itself, which is mainly Darlene Hamilton asking the speaker about 5 things he or she is passionate about, though some questions which audience members type into the chat box may be answered.  The second is for the after-talk which is an informal session where audience members can put questions directly to the speaker.  Each session lasts about an hour.  The web chat will be recorded and the link will appear here; the after-talk won't, but is available to watch by request to You must enable JavaScript to see this e-mail address.

March 9th: Jacqueline Schwab