BackBuild your own Website:  Follow-up Course

Letchworth Settlement have no plans to run my Website Course again, since not enough people were interested, but it's always possible that they or some other organisation will run the course and then there might be a Follow-up Course, so here is a brief description.

This course is aimed at people who have already attended the “Build Your Own Website” course.  The contents will depend on what new features you want to learn and what you would like to cover in more detail.  You are encouraged to bring a copy of your website(s) on a memory stick so that everyone can see what techniques you have used and perhaps how things could be improved.

I would like to teach some JavaScript, with which you can do some programming on the client machine (such as displaying the date when each page was last modified) but there won't be time to teach you how to do programming on the server, though I can give a brief introduction to Dot.Net if requested.  Other than that, the syllabus is up to you.  Please contact me with a subject of “Web Course” to get through my spam filter, and let me know what you would like covered.