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Warning in line-char 13-116 : Track 1 Bar 8 has 2 time units while the time signature has 3
Warning in line-char 14-2 : Track 1 Bar 9 has 1 time units while the time signature has 3

Your ABC (possibly modified by me!)

1   X:1
2   T:We Wish You a Merry Christmas
3   C:Traditional English
4   %%MIDI beat 100 95 80
5   S:Colin Hume's website, - chords can also be printed below the stave.
6   N:For "The Christmas Waltz" by Colin Hume,
7   N:play a 32-bar carol plus just the A-music of "We wish you a Merry Christmas" each time.
8   Q:1/4=112
9   M:3/4
10  R:Waltz
11  L:1/4
12  K:G
13  D | "G"G G/A/ G/F/ | "C"E C E | "A7"A A/B/ A/G/ | "D"F D F | "B7"B B/c/ B/A/ | "Em"G E D/D/ | "Am"E A "D7"F | "G"G2 |
14  D | "G"G G G | "Bm"F2 F | "A7"G F E | "D"D2 A | "Em"B A/A/ G/G/ | "D"d D D/D/ | "C"E A "D7"F | "G"G3 |]

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