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Your ABC (possibly modified by me!)

1   X:1
2   T:Adsons Saraband (original)
3   C:John Playford, 1651
4   H:John Chambers says: John Adson (d. 1640) may have written the original music for the dance.
5   H:English-born, he began his career in France, but eventually joined the English court band
6   H:in 1625. He also played several instruments at the Blackfriar's Theatre.
7   H:In 1634 he was appointed music teacher to Charles I.
8   M:6/8
9   R:Jig
10  L:1/8
11  S:Colin Hume's website, - chords can also be printed below the stave.
12  Q:3/8=112
13  K:D mixolydian
14  "D"f2f e2d | "/"fga e2d | "D7"cde fBc | "G"dcB A2G |\
15  "D"FGF FFA | "G"Bcd c2B | "Am"Aef "G"gBc | "D"def e2d ||]

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