“5 Things” Web Chats

Each starts during the introductory music if any.  Graham Christian was on before the current format was established, and will return in the future for a more in-depth interview.

     Date     SubjectDescriptionWebsite
24-Mar-20Graham ChristianCaller (English), researcher, writer 
31-Mar-20Joanna ReinerCaller (English) 
7-Apr-20Kalia KlibanCaller (English and Contra), dance writer 
14-Apr-20Rebecca KingPianist (English and Contra) and composerrebeccakingmusic.com
18-Apr-20Cécile LayeFrench teacher of English dancechestnut.fr
21-Apr-20Kate BarnesMulti-instrumentalist (English and Contra), composer, publishercanispublishing.com
28-Apr-20Sharon GreenOrganizer, caller (English), dance composergreenerywest.net
5-May-20Bruce HamiltonCaller (English), Scottish teacher, thought-provoking speaker 
12-May-20Brooke FriendlyCaller (English), dance writerbrookefriendlydance.com
16-May-20Susan de GuardiolaHistorical Dance teacher and researcherwww.kickery.com
19-May-20Orly KrasnerCaller (English), dance writer, tune composer, academic 
26-May-20David MillstoneCaller (English), videographer, writer, Past CDSS Presidentdavidmillstonedance.com
2-Jun-20Scott HiggsCaller (English and Contra), dance writerscotthiggs.com
9-Jun-20Jenna SimpsonCaller (English), dance writer 
16-Jun-20Brad FosterCDSS Executive & Artistic Director 1983-2011 
23-Jun-20Katy GermanCDSS Executive Director 2017- 
30-Jun-20James HutsonCaller and dance writer (English & Contra) 
7-Jul-20Paul RossCaller (English), videographer, organizeryoutube.com/user/childgrove
14-Jul-20Dave WieslerPianist and composerdavewiesler.com
18-Jul-20Colin HumeCaller (English, Contra, Square…), dance writer, composer, researchercolinhume.com
21-Jul-20Brooke FriendlySpecial theme: Global Terminology / Positional Callingbrookefriendlydance.com
21-Jul-20Bridget WhiteheadCaller and organizer 
4-Aug-20Beverly FrancisCaller (English) 
11-Aug-20Gary RoodmanDance writercalculatedfigures.com
15-Aug-20Allison ThompsonHistorian, dance writer, musician, bloggerallisonthompson.blog
18-Aug-20Olivia BarryCaller (English, Contra, Irish), organizer, researcherfacebook.com/odancingbarry
25-Aug-20Shira KammenMusician, composershirakammen.com
1-Sep-20Anna RainCaller (English & Contra), musician 
8-Sep-20Chip PrinceMusician (English & Contra) 
15-Sep-20Louise SiddonsCaller (English & Contra), Organizer 
19-Sep-20Paul CooperResearcher (Regency)regencydances.org/paper000.php
22-Sep-20Lisa GreenleafCaller (English, Contra, Squares) 
29-Sep-20No 5 ThingsIt's the Presidential Debate. 
6-Oct-20Susan Kevra and
Rachel Bell
Caller (Susan) and musicians (both) for English and Contrasusankevra.com/
3-Nov-20No 5 ThingsIt's the Presidential Election. 

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